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9 Useful tricks to speed up your Android Device.

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Being an Android user you must keep your phone miscellaneous files free for a quick response. people always think ‘how to fast my android phone?’ Here are some tricks you can use to boost up your Android device.

1. Clean up your home screen.

Clean up your home screen

You must clean your home screen once in a while. Widgets of the Android operating system allows you to interactive applications on home screen. These may help to quickly access but they can drag the speed of your device. Stop using Live Wallpapers.

2. Root your device.

Screenshot: Root-Flashing-Magisk-in-TWRP

If you root your device, you are free to install cleaner ROMs that run faster than your current setup. Just keep one thing in your mind that rooting of the device is a complex process. It may avoid your warranty. Just follow the guidelines to root your phone as provided below:
1.10 reasons to root your smartphone.

Note: Rooting voids the device’s warranty. Sometimes, the process of rooting can even brick a device, and in that case, you’re simply out of luck; there’s no way you’ll get a refund for it.

3. Kick off the apps you don’t use

File Go App

There are many applications in your device that you don’t use every day. Too many unused applications and media files cause problems to the device. You may get help from Files Go application to get cleanup your phone. This Files Go is a first party app from Google. It gives results without much effort from the user. Simply install the application on the device and it will suggest the unused apps.

4. Identify Auto starting apps.

Startup manager

The application named as Startup Manager allows you to identify and eliminate apps automatically. There are some applications that automatically start along with your phone. These will result in unnecessary usage of space and battery. You can remove these apps. If you use Startup Manager to disable apps you will have to factory reset your phone to get it to work again.

5. Optimize Google Chrome.

Google Chrome

Many users use Google Chrome browser. The data server in this browser allows you to compress the pages, videos, and many other files. It will result in minimum usage of data and more fast browsing.

6. Update your device.

Updated screenshot of mi A1

You must update your device regularly. Many times users ignore the update notification. The software update removes bugs from your phone by improving the overall performance. If you update regularly, the latest Android version will be available on your device. This will also lead to run the boost the speed of your phone.

7. Restart your device.

This is a very simple and quick trick to boost the speed of your device. Simply by restarting you can clear cache, unnecessary tasks. And it will result in the smooth running of your device.
To restart your device hold the power button for a long time, then tap on Restart option. And click OK to confirm.

8. Use lighter versions of apps.

There are many popular applications like mini UC browser, mini facebook, twitter, messenger all these are having their light versions. These apps are used for the users want to keep things simple and clean. By using these lighter version applications your device performance will be improved.

9. Keep all your stuff in the cloud.

Cloud apps

Internal storage plays an important role in boosting up the speed of your device. Uploading all your files on the cloud will also be beneficial for you. This will result in simple and quick access.

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